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Please download the zip folder below to code along with the instructor.

You need to unzip this folder to code along. Or “Extract All” on Windows. See our video explanation of this if you are unsure.

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The written guide below is an accompaniment to the lesson video. You may read through it if you prefer written tutorials to video content.

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Hello, Where are the solutions to the code along exercise on filter kindly? Thank you

Bisola Folusho

This is an amazing course i must say! i am really impressed at how systematic the learning is, building line and block upon another. Kudos to the tutors and the course team!

Last edited 27 days ago by Bisola Folusho

Thank so much, great lesson. Im having trouble writing the following symbols: “`”, “<” and “>”. This is because I’m using an english keyboard configured for the spanish latinamerican alphabet. The symbols simply are not there in the keyboard. Is there any way I can bring up a digital keyboard or something to… Read more »


Hi Rodrigo. Sorry to hear about this issue. From a goodle search, I found this post that may be helpful to you: https://superuser.com/questions/254076/how-do-i-type-the-tick-and-backtick-characters-on-windows. One answer says: Qwerty-latinoamericano layout:Hold Alt Gr and press twice the button that has these symbols: ]} I would suggest trying the proposed solutions here, and browsing the web for other alternatives. Please feel free… Read more »

Cicilia Gita

Hello tutor, for the second practice: How many respondents were female? (Use filter() and nrow()) Here is my answer {r, eval = F, echo = FALSE} yao %>%   filter(sex == "Female") %>%   nrow() And here is the output [1] 549 But, when I check the answer, it says “Your result should be numeric”… Read more »


Coding along was great. I just want to know whether there is a way i can submit my rmd file with the practise questions answered. I coudn’t update.

Camille Beatrice

Please see the next page for the code submission upload

Last edited 4 months ago by Kene David
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