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Q_prop_women_low_grip_strength <- 
 sarcopenia %>% 
 filter(sex_male_1_female_0 == 0) %>% 
 mutate(low_grip_strength = grip_strength_kg < 20) %>% 
 tabyl(low_grip_strength) %>% 
 .[2,3] * 100

Im not sure i understans the [2,3] in this code and also runninng this code does not show me the percentages despite the tabyl function.



Hi Muna, In this case, the [2,3] is indicating the index we want (row 2 and column 3) and we are multiplying it by 100 to have a percentage. The reason why you are not seeing the percentages is because you need to “call” the object in order to see its value or… Read more »


Thank you, so in this case we are multiplying the number in the row 2 and column 3 of the output from the tabyl which is a table by 100?


Yes, that is correct! 🙂


Very good presentation


for the data quiz, we were advised to use the adorn_pct_formatting() function. the table output shows a new col named “valid_percent”. what does this col refer to (as opposed to n percent)?


Hi Christine, When NA values are present, tabyl() also displays “valid” percentages, i.e., with missing values removed from the denominator.


Got it, that makes sense. Thanks Joy!


yao_bmi %>%   mutate(bmi_integer = as.integer(bmi),  I think there might be something wrong with this part of the code provided in the lesson. We dont define yao_BMI from yao dataset first. I tried to do it in the code with this, but it still didnt work: yao_bmi <- yao %>%   select (bmi) %>%   mutate(bmi_integer… Read more »


Hi Snigdha, yao_bmi is created in section 7, just before the practice question. yao_bmi <- yao %>% select(weight_kg, height_cm) %>% # first obtain the height in meters mutate(height_meters = height_cm/100) %>% # then use the BMI formula mutate(bmi = weight_kg / (height_meters)^2) Please make sure you have run all the code above the code… Read more »

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