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My rmd file is not working. The check and hint functions are not working correctly.


Hi Darnesha, If you are experiencing some issues with your Rmd auto-grader, make sure to re-watch this video and make sure you have properly run the setup code chunk at the beginning: How to use Rmd practice questions If you are still experiencing issues, then we recommend you to either ask one of… Read more »


I did run the set up code: ::: practice –  Select the weight and height variables in the yaounde data frame. `{r, eval = F, echo = FALSE} # For this first practice question we’ll provide the answer. # Run this chunk, then run the CHECK and HINT functions in the code chunks further… Read more »


I have done the exercises twice but the system has not recorded my points… And I cannot keep re-doing it anymore. I am not sure if others are facing the same problem.

Kene David

Hello Lameck! I see that the issue has now been resolved on your account. Do you know what the problem was?


Thank you a million times.


The lessons were great. The concepts taught was very clear. however, I am having issues accessing the real data that was used for this section. The data I downloaded was very large(having 95066 observations and 60 variables) and not only that, the variables that was used for illustrations are not present in the… Read more »

Kene David

Hello Henry. If you click on the “Download lesson code” button this page, the dataset is contained therein. Hope this helps.


Excellent presentation, everything was clear!




Great lesson. even though i am behind the lesson schedule.


Great lesson with practise. However i to upload the updated practise questions. How can I do it.

Camille Beatrice

Please see the next page for where to upload your Rmd.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kene David
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