R for Busy People (Cohort-0)

In preparation for the public launch of our flagship courses, we are excited to offer 12-weeks of free live training to a beta cohort of students. Over 3 months of instruction, you will learn how to:
  • Download, install and use R & RStudio
  • Work with R & Rmarkdown scripts and RStudio projects
  • Import and examine datasets in R
  • Wrangle data (by filtering, summarizing, transforming and joining)
  • Visualize data with the popular ggplot2 package
  • Publish reports and other outputs in a range of formats
At the end, you will feel ready to tackle most basic and intermediate data analysis tasks with R, whether for your academic research, professional practice, or personal interest.
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Course Includes

  • 31 Topics
  • 43 Lessons
  • 47 Quizzes

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