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1. True.
2. The division sign is evaluated first.
3. The answer is C. The code 2+2+2 gets evaluated before it is stored in the object.
4a. The value is 1. The code evaluates to 9-8
4b. table(ebola_data$district)
5a. You cannot add two character strings. Adding only works for numbers.
5b. my_1st_name is typed with the number 1 initially, but in the paste() command, it is typed with the letter “I”.
6. The third line is the only line with a valid object name: top_20_rows
7. The last line, head(6,women), is invalid because the arguments are in the wrong order and they are not named.
8. The third code chunk has a problem. It attempts to find the square root of a character, which is impossible.
9. The first line, A, is the correct interpretation.
10. The first code chunk is the recommended way to install and load the package {janitor}

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I don’t think there was a better way to pass this through. You did justice to the topic. I am looking farward for more.


the function CreateTableOne doesnt exist in my Rstudio


Perhaps im missing something but where are the answers to the video questions? Thanks!

Kene David

Hello! There is a button below the video you can click to reveal the answers.


The “git” command requires the command line developer tools???? Would you like to install the tools now . I keep getting this popping up all the time.Also When im typing and R tries to complete my code but lets say showing me my object, I cant click successfully on the R prompt .… Read more »


I cannot seem to click on the Ebola2 object.


Hi Muna! It appears maybe there is a glitch with your current R Session. What I tend to recommend is to save all your scripts (Ctrl + S) and closing your RStudio windows and session (just close the application). Once you have closed it, try re-opening your R script and re-running the code… Read more »


Thank you, this worked!


This is explicit! I look forward to learning more. Thank you.


I am re-doing this for the second time, and now I see a warning in Ebola data and I don’t understand how the data is displayed. Can someone explain to me whether I am making a mistake? I have attached an image of the error.

Kene David

Hello Lameck. You missed out the “-sample”. The URL should be:


Thank you Kene! Appreciated.


Well… I am not sure if I have grasped at least 60%, but I am going to re-study two times more.


This was well elaborated, thanks!


This has been very helpful especially on the Pacman package

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