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As an EPFL Life Science Engineer, my main interest is in doing science with an impact. I am interested in neglected problems from lower and middle-income countries, specifically in the areas of health, migration, human rights, and digitalization.


I am currently a Biomedical Data Engineer for the Swiss Data Science Center, and have experience as a Data Analyst in Global Health (with Prof. Olivia Keiser, at the Institue of Global Health, UNIGE). I am of a very social nature so never hesitate to reach out to me to chat!


I have hard skills in problem-solving and programming, and soft skills in creativity and social integration. My experience has proven me capable of thriving in diverse domains: from biology-related sciences such as human gut microbiology and neuroscience to environmental sciences and social sciences like anthropology and psychology.


At the GRAPH Network, I am working on the training program which, with the support and funding of WHO, aims to build pandemic-response capacities in Subsaharan Africa by teaching the R programming language with an orientation towards epidemiology analysis.