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How to use Rmd practice questions (snippet)

Now that you have learned how to use R Markdown and RStudio Project files, further sections of the course will require you to download Rstudio project folders and code along with the instructor in R Markdown files. Please watch the video below that explains how to do this.

🟠❗️ Important note for Windows users ❗️🟠

If you have a Windows PC, after you download the folder, you must right-click the downloaded zip file, and then click on “Extract All”, as shown below. Otherwise, the RStudio project will not function properly.

🔵 ❗️ Important note for people working on Rstudio Cloud ❗️🔵

If you will be working with RStudio Cloud (not RStudio on your local computer), there are some additional steps. Please watch the video below to see these.

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